Jesus Prepares to Die (Primary 2:3) Teacher Manual


Discovering God's Way - Jesus Prepares to Die

Grades 1-3 Teacher Manual

Primary Year 2, Book 3 by Julie Smith

Jesus Prepares To Die continues to describe the mighty works of Jesus and shows how the Jews became increasingly angry at His popularity and began to seek His death. The Teacher's Manual divides each lesson into 2 parts, suitable for a Sunday/Wednesday schedule. It includes lesson goals, words to know, review questions, lesson highlights, and a list of online resources.


  • Peter Confesses Jesus is the Son of God
  • The Transfiguration/Healing of an Epileptic Boy
  • Jesus Declares Himself at the Feast of Tabernacles
  • He Heals a Man Who Was Born Blind
  • Jesus Teaches That He is the Good Shepherd
  • Lazarus Is Raised
  • Jesus Sends the Seventy Disciples
  • He Teaches about the Good Samaritan
  • A Lesson about Humility/A Parable/Counting the Cost
  • The Rich Man and Lazarus/The Pharisee and Publican/Jesus and Little Children
  • Parables: The Two Sons/The Land Owner
  • The Marriage Feast/Ten Virgins
  • The Talents/The Judgment Scene

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