Jesus: God's Son Part 1 (Preschool 2:1)


Discovering God's Way - Jesus: God's Son Pt. 1 Preschool Year 2, Book 1 Ages 4-5 Student book

Jesus: God's Son, Part 1 continues the chronological survey of the Bible in two years. The design intended is to help a young student learn the Bible time-line in the process of studying the major events starting with the Creation. This workbook begins a year's overview of the New Testament starting with the birth of Jesus Christ.


  • The Birth of John the Baptist/The Birth of Jesus
  • Shepherds Visit Jesus/Wise Men Visit Jesus
  • Jesus Visits the Temple/Jesus Grows Up
  • John Prepares the Way for Jesus/Jesus is Baptized
  • Jesus Is Tempted
  • Jesus Begins to Choose Apostles/12 Apostles Follow Jesus
  • Sermon on the Mountain/We Are the Light of the World
  • Water to Wine/Jesus Heals the Nobleman's Son
  • A Soldier's Servant is Healed/Jairus' Daughter
  • Jesus Feeds Over 5,000 People; Jesus Walks on Water
  • Jesus Heals a Sick Man by a Pool/A Blind Man Is Healed
  • A Paralyzed Man is Healed/Jesus Heals Ten Lepers
  • Many Men Are Sent to Teach/Do You Remember?

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