Jesus As John Presents Him

by Conchin

The book of John presents much material that can be found in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, but it also presents a number of "cases" which the others do not present. It is for that reason that the author has chosen the book for special study. The extra material presented by John gives us a more complete account of Jesus' life.

Thirteen lessons on the following topics:

  • Jesus as the Word
  • Jesus as the Great Teacher
  • Jesus as the Great Prophet
  • Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life
  • Jesus as the Light of the World
  • Jesus as Our Great Example
  • Jesus as Our Great Peacemaker
  • Jesus as the Good Shepherd
  • Jesus as Our Atonement
  • Jesus as the Promoter of Unity Among His Disciples
  • Jesus as the Risen Lord
  • Gems from John
Includes a crossword puzzle.

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