Is the Bible Reliable? DVD

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Answering Alleged Bible Discrepancies

2 DVD set

Of all the challenges to a Christian's faith, one of the most troubling may be the skeptic's charge that the Bible is filled with discrepancies. But do such criticisms hold up under serious scrutiny? Can a person have a rational belief in the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture?

Join Eric Lyons in this 10-lesson series as he uses the Bible and common sense to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the reliability of the Bible.

Lesson titles:

  • Why a Reliable Bible Matters
  • Interpretation Principles—Part 1
  • Interpretation Principles—Part 2
  • The Reliability of God
  • The Reliability of the Creation Account
  • The Reliability of Jesus
  • Alleged Chronological Contradictions
  • The Reliability of Scripture's Scientific Statements
  • Alleged Problems Surrounding Jesus' Resurrection
  • Alleged Contradictions Pertaining to Salvation

This 2-DVD set has 10 sessions @ 30 minutes each—about 5 hours of material.

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