Instrumental Music in the Worship (MC Kurfees)

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When MC Kurfees set aside a day in his class for young preachers to discuss the significance of the Greek verb "psallo", he put in motion a study whose need remains evident to this day. "Instrumental Music in the Worship," first published in 1911, is the classic work on this subject and is essential reading for all studying what the Bible says about music. Then as now, proponents of instrumental music in worship claimed "the majority of people regard the question as a 'dead issue.' " Kurfees responded, "An issue over which the people of God are constantly clashing and which is causing division and alienation among them, cannot properly be termed a 'dead issue.'"

It was not one then; it is not one now. The scriptural truths regarding Christian worship are not bound by culture. What God desired in the first century is what He desires today. MC Kurfees (1865-1931) served as one of the editors of the Gospel Advocate from 1908-1924.

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