Instant Bible Lessons for Preteens-Rock Solid Faith

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Rock Solid Faith teaches preteens how to develop a faith that will help them navigate life's challenges. This book will help you teach about faith, servanthood, witnessing, stewardship and other important responsibilities of being a Christian. Each of the 8 lessons contains a Bible story, a memory verse, alternative learning method, and a variety of activities for lesson reinforcement. The 9th chapter contains additional projects and lesson reviews.

Instant Bible Lessons for Preteens includes games, crafts, puzzles, skits, take-home pages, bulletin board patterns and more made especially for kids ages 10-12. They will love the variety of activities that match each kid-friendly topic and teachers will enjoy the quick and easy preparation!

Each book includes:

  • Eight Bible lessons with extended flexibility
  • an extra chapter full of bonus ideas and clip art
  • Reproducible, perforated pages that you can use again and again
  • A wide selection of activities to meet the needs and abilities of all preteens.
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