Hope: The Anchor for the Soul

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Hope, the Anchor for the Soul by Kyle Pope is a seven-lesson study for congregations or small groups considering biblical teachings on the importance of hope under the gospel of Christ. It introduces the problem of hopelessness, examines the fact that hope has often been a neglected virtue, explores things for which we can hope, surveys some benefits of having hope, gives us some biblical examples of hope and concludes the study considering the hope that rests in Christ.



  • Preface: Facing Hopeless Situations
  • Lesson 1: The Problem of Hopelessness: Holding on to Hope
  • Lesson 2: The Neglected Virtue: Keeping a Promise, No Matter What
  • Lesson 3: Things for Which We Can Hope—Promises and Blessings: Confidence in a Future Outcome
  • Lesson 4: Things for Which We Can Hope—The Future: The Treasure of Hope
  • Lesson 5: The Benefits of Having Hope: “May the Lord Give You Peace”
  • Lesson 6: Biblical Examples of Hope: “How Can I Blaspheme My King?”
  • Lesson 7: Hope in Christ

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