The History of the Church: The Restoration Movement

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This workbook is part of Greg Litmer's series of workbooks on church history. This work concentrates on the Restoration Movement in American church history. From this movement came the Disciples of Christ/Christian Church and the churches of Christ.

Litmer explains the restoration principles on which the movement grounded, recalling the work of early restoration preachers, and also discusses issues that was the basis for the separation of the two groups.

Contents Include:

  • The Lord’s Church
  • A Brief Discussion of Continued Apostasy and Reaction in the Middle Ages
  • Outstanding Characters of the Protestant Reformation
  • Early Restorationists and Their Influence
  • Barton W. Stone
  • Thomas Campbell
  • Alexander Campbell
  • The Restoration Plea: The Only Valid and Scriptural Approach to Gaining Biblical Knowledge and Authority
  • Practical Application: Walter Scott
  • The American Christian Missionary Society
  • Instrumental Music
  • Institutionalism
  • Where Does It End?

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