Heroes of Babylon/Ruth Flip-Over Book

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What could be better than a great hero story? TWO great hero stories! And there’s no better place to find them than the Bible.

Each Little Bible Heroes Flip-Over Book offers two stories of bravery, faithfulness, and kindness—straight from the Bible and perfect for little hero-loving hearts! First, read about how three young heroes of the BabylonShadrach, Meshach, and Abednegowere saved from the fiery furnace. Then flip the book over and read the story of Ruth and the many ways God blessed her.

Recommended for ages 0 to 4 years.

Collect the entire Little Bible Heroes® series:

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  • Miriam/Daniel Flip-Over Book
  • Joshua/Rahab Flip-Over Book
  • Samuel/The Little Maid Flip-Over Book
  • David/Esther Flip-Over Book
  • Joseph/The Good Samaritan Flip-Over Book
  • Jesus’ Miracles/Martha Flip-Over Book
  • Elijah/John the Baptist Flip-Over Book
  • Heroes of Babylon/Ruth Flip-Over Book
  • The Little Giver/Zacchaeus Flip-Over Book
  • Peter/Paul Flip-Over Book
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