Healed without Scars

by Ingram
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Have you been hurt by past disappointment, fear, rejection, abandonment, or failure? When pain from the past lingers in your life and causes emotional scars, you need to understand that God wants you to be fully healed. Healed Without Scars is filled with contemporary and biblical accounts of those who have emerged victorious from life's tests and trials.

For years, author David Evans has helped people from all walks of life learn how to live in victory. Let him guide you to a joyful life of wholeness in Christ as you discover that you can be healed without scars!


  • Foreword
  • Introduction: Life's Fiery Furnaces
  • The Wounds and Scars of Life
  • Created to Be Whole
  • The Causes of Our Pain
  • Removing the Mask
  • Faithful God and Father
  • The Power of the Presence
  • Are You Ready to Say Yes?
  • Praise Is Part of the Process
  • "According to Your Faith"
  • The Infinite Realm of Possibility
  • Reach out to Jesus
  • Get Ready for the Harvest
  • Healed without Scars about the Author

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