Heading for Heaven: 13 Lessons for Women

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Heading for Heaven by Joyce Jamerson is a challenging study for women of all ages.

"As a result of this study, I believe we can live with more comfort and assurance and change our view of heaven from a vague dream to an obtainable reality! Looking at heavenly details, plus the lives of Peter, Paul and John should help us to look forward to God’s promises and heaven’s glories. Where would you place these men on the rope? And where are you? The better question is: Where do you want to be? Let’s open the Word to explore and anticipate heaven."

13 Lessons:

  • Chapter One: Got Plans? Planning for a Planned Place
  • Chapter Two: Heaven—A Place of Awe and Glory It Will Be Awesome!
  • Chapter Three: The Fight Is On! The Battle for Heaven
  • Chapter Four: Home Sweet Home Heaven—A Place of Safety
  • Chapter Five: God’s Messengers The Angels in Heaven
  • Chapter Six: The Rest of Heaven’s Story Purity, Peace, and Comfort
  • Chapter Seven: Will We Know One Another There? …and Other Curiosities
  • Chapter Eight: Heaven through the Eyes of Peter The Progression of Hope
  • Chapter Nine: Heaven through the Eyes of Paul Hoping for Glory
  • Chapter Ten: Heaven through the Eyes of John Turning from Thunder to Testimony
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