Hallal - More Than Thunder (Volume 13) CD

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  • As We Gather -Tom Coomes, Mike Fay
  • You’re Worthy of My Praise -David Ruis
  • Who Am I -Mark Hall
  • Mighty God (2005) -Ken Young
  • More Than Thunder -Billy Sprague, Cole Young, Ken Young
  • Be unto Your Name -Lynn DeShazo, Gary Sadler
  • Give Me Jesus -Ken Young
  • You Raise Me Up -Brendan Graham, Rolf Lovland
  • Shelter Me -Joe Beck, Bruce Carroll, Billy Sprague
  • I Am with You Always -Ken Young
  • Fly to You -Cole Young, Ken Young
  • Ascribe to the Lord -Ken Young
  • The Voice of the Lord (2005) -Ken Young
  • I Will Do the Same -Joe Beck, Tim Haynes
  • Son of His Love (2005) -Ken Young
  • O Sacred Head (2005) -Bernard of Clairvaux, Tr.J.W. Alexander, Hans Hassler, Ken Young
  • Via Dolorosa -Billy Sprague, Niles Borop
  • In Christ Alone -Keith Getty, Stuart Townend
  • Thomas’ Song (2005) -Ken Young
  • He Reigns - Peter Furler, Steve Taylor

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