Greta's Purpose

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While working as Tour Coordinator for an art museum and later the Director for a non-profit organization, author Rebecca Helvey worked with docents and volunteers who aided her in educating children and adults on different areas of interest. The volunteers could give only an hour a week, but that hour meant a whole lot more to the school children. She saw how the generosity and time of these volunteers benefited the community. This inspired Rebecca to write Greta’s Purpose.

Rebecca used her very large, awkward, Great Dane, Greta as the main character in her book. Greta struggles with who she is and not necessarily fitting the mold of what society often dictates who we should be. The thing that Rebecca wants her readers, both young and old, to carry away with them is that we all have a purpose. We can all do something and serving others is the best way to obtain that fulfillment.

Full color, 8 ½ x 8 ½ format, 69 pages.

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