Great Was The Fall

by Conchin

It is not necessary to prove that a Christian can fall from his own steadfastness, and therefore from the grace of God. Any Bible student should know that. Rather, this workbook is designed to discuss the various things which cause one to fall and to suggest ways by which the fall may be avoided or prevented.

Twelve lessons on the things which cause people to fall under the following headings:

  • Causing the Downfall of Others
  • Trusting in Material Wealth
  • Lacking Control Over One’s Spirit
  • Being Perverse and Obstinate
  • Trying to Go Back Under the Law of Moses
  • Following Blind Leaders
  • Building on the Wrong Foundation
  • Deceiving Our Own Selves
  • Being Disturbed by Internal Strife
  • Having a False Sense of Security
  • Being Led Away by the Error of the Wicked
  • Ways to Avoid the Great Fall

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