Great Bible Characters-Moses

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Nineteen lessons designed for adult and upper teenage Bible study. Questions follow each lesson. Chapter Titles: 1) Introduction 2) The Birth of Moses 3) Preparation of God's Leader 4) God Calls Moses at the Burning Bush 5) Moses Returns to Egypt as Deliverer 6) The Ten Plagues-Part 1 7) The Ten Plagues-Part 2 8) From Egypt to Sinai 9) At the Foot of Mount Sinai 10) The Golden Calf 11) The Covenant Renewed 12) Moses Deals with Complainers and Rebels 13) Failed Invasion, Moses' Sin 14) Preparing the Next Generation 15) The Death of Moses 16) The Obituary of Moses 17) Moses: His Role as a Type of Christ 18) More Typology in the Life of Moses 19) Moses in the New Testament