Great Bible Characters-Moses

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Nineteen lessons designed for adult and upper teenage Bible study. Questions follow each lesson.


  • Introduction
  • The Birth of Moses
  • Preparation of God's Leader
  • God Calls Moses at the Burning Bush
  • Moses Returns to Egypt as Deliverer
  • The Ten Plagues-Part 1
  • The Ten Plagues-Part 2
  • From Egypt to Sinai
  • At the Foot of Mount Sinai
  • The Golden Calf
  • The Covenant Renewed
  • Moses Deals with Complainers and Rebels
  • Failed Invasion, Moses' Sin
  • Preparing the Next Generation
  • The Death of Moses
  • The Obituary of Moses
  • Moses: His Role as a Type of Christ
  • More Typology in the Life of Moses
  • Moses in the New Testament

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