Gospel Meeting Sermons - Downloadable PowerPoint Presentation

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PowerPoint Presentation contains slides for each sermon. Great for sermons and classes. Frees the teacher from slide preparation allowing more time to study the material. May be stored electronically, but not distributed.


About Gospel Meeting Sermons :

Gospel Meeting Sermons is offered in the sincere hope that those young men who desire to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ can use these sermon outlines as a means to provoke their listeners to a more detailed study of the Word of God. These gospel sermons have been preached in gospel meetings with much success in many parts of this country. They are simple, logically organized and abundantly supplied with book, chapter and verse to support each point. You will find these sermon outlines useful in your efforts to offer the simple gospel to those for whom you speak.

This book was originally published with 48 sermons, but has been revised and two new lessons have been added.


Sharing this supplement either electronically or through printing is a violation of copyright.



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