Good Choice

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Christian Women Making Wise Choices Every Day

Life is made up of choices. Choice of schools. Choice of spouse. Choice of careers. Choice of worship. There was a time when our choices were much simpler, and there were fewer of them to make. Auto manufacturer, Henry Ford, once said, "A customer can have a car painted any color he wants — as long as it's black."

Today's "super stores" are proof that we now have choices by the hundreds. What size? What flavor? What color? What price? What brand? The options are sometimes mind-boggling.

Though many of our choices are inconsequential, some set the direction for the rest of our lives — even into eternity. These choices require godly wisdom, biblical counsel, and prayerful reflection.

Carolyn Steverson serves as a capable guide through the maze of life choices. Her godly wisdom and example show the way for today's Christian woman to make God-honoring choices.

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