GOD—The Bible and Common Sense: An Appeal to Reason

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Some things in our world make sense; some don’t. Leroy Brownlow writes that the purpose of this book is to place before mankind the common sense of the reality of God and of His works and of His religion for man. Thirteen chapters with review questions cover topics like Common Sense and…God, the Bible, the Church, Worship, Death, the Judgment, and more. 

Lessons Include:

  1. Common Sense Requires God
  2. The Common Sense Biblical Account of Creation
  3. That God Created Man Makes Sense
  4. Christ's Coming to Earth Makes Sense
  5. Common Sense Demands the Bible
  6. Common Sense Requires Right Division of Bible
  7. The Church Makes Sense
  8. God's Plan of Salvation is Sensible
  9. The Common Sense of Christian Growth
  10. Worship is Sensible
  11. Common Sense at Random in the Scripture
  12. God's Appointment of Death is Sensible
  13. The Judgment Makes Sense

132 pages

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