God Made Puppies Early Reader Series Level 2

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God created dogs on the sixth day of Creation. Dogs give birth to puppies, and puppies are some of the most fun animals in the world. Puppies run, jump, romp, wrestle, chew and do all sorts of other activities. Because God loves humans, He gave them the ability to tame and train animals such as puppies. Puppies can bring excitement and adventure into our lives. Children of all ages will enjoy learning about cute, cuddly puppies that God made.

These short, colorful readers have a dual purpose – they encourage young children to read while also pointing them towards the Creator of our world. Each book features full-color, realistic photographs of animals, plants, and other wonderful things God created. The simple text on each page highlights some special characteristics that God gave the things He created, teaching children about the creation and the Creator at the same time.

32 pages, paperback


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