Give Attention To Reading: Through the New Testament in Six Months

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One of the most important habits Christians need to develop is daily Bible reading. This book is designed to help. Whether you work through this book on your own, with your family, with a small study group or with your entire congregation, it is sure to help you establish Bible reading as a daily habit. Reading two chapters per weekday, you will read through the entire New Testament in six months.

Each day's assignment includes:

  • a note section to record your reflections and insights,
  • five simple questions to help you give attention to the reading
  • and four thought questions based on 11 Timothy 3:16 to allow your study to be as deep as you want it.
  • At the end of each week's readings are several discussion questions to facilitate family or group study.

The best part is the whole study is completely driven by you. Edwin Crozier has ordered the reading, but the study is based on your present needs and spiritual situation. This book is not about what Edwin thinks are the 10 most important things about the New Testament. It is about your habit of reading and what you glean from the text. Work through this book with a friend, your family or a small group and gain even greater insight to God's word.

168 pages, paperback.

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