Give Account of Your Stewardship

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13 lesson workbook on giving your Time - Talent - Treasure

The 13 Lessons and their authors are as follows:

  • What Is Stewardship?--Steve Reeves
  • Stewardship of the Gospel--Chris Reeves
  • Stewards of Time--Edward T. Rangel
  • Stewards of the Tongue--Donnie V. Rader
  • Do I Consider My Job A Stewardship?--Brian Price
  • Stewards of Civil Government--Steven F. Deaton
  • Stewards of Ability and Opportunity--Steve Niemeier
  • Stewards of Money & Material Things--Steve Monts
  • Stewardship of the Family--Dick Blackford
  • Stewards of the Church: The Universal Relationship--Jarrod Jacobs
  • Stewards of the Church: The Local Relationship--Edward O. Bragwell, Sr.
  • Stewards of the Body--David Dann
  • Stewards of the Soul--Ron Halbrook

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