Fuego Vivo, Viento Fresco (Live Fire, Fresh Wind)

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Pocket size book

Lo que sucede cuando el espiritu de dios invade el Corazon de su pueblo Como revela este cautivante libro, Dios se mueve en formas que cambian la vida cuando dejamos de lado nuestras prioridades, confiamos en su Palabra, y oímos su voz. «Este libro lo hará arrodillarse ... Puede estar seguro de que leer este Libro lo cambiará para siempre».


From the Back Cover:

We live in times of urgency. God is moving. This is the time to ... Ask God to light the fire of the Spirit in you’re your life! Pastor Jim Cymbala proclaims that God wants to revive his people. Cymbala knows the difference first hand. Twenty-five years ago his own church, Brooklyn Tabernacle, a church with only twenty members trying to survive, started to pray…God started to move..hundreds of lives were changed to the love of Christ ..and today in the church, they have 6,000 souls.

The story of what happened to this church, in one of the most difficult towns in the US, shows the road to a new spiritual church and in his life. Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire shows what the Holy Spirit can do when the believers take prayer and evangelism seriously. Like this book reveals, God is moving in ways that change lives when we put aside our priorities, trust in his word and listen to him.

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