From the Wilderness to Canaan (Junior 1:3)


Discovering God's Way - From the Wilderness to Canaan Workbook

Grades 4-6

Junior Year 1, Book 3

By L'Von Qualls

This workbook covers the books of Numbers, Deuteronomy and Joshua. The events leading to the 40 years of wandering, the entry into Canaan and the conquest are discussed.


  • The Israelites Are Counted
  • God Leads Israel in the Wilderness
  • The Twelve Spies Are Sent to Canaan
  • Moses and Aaron Are Challenged
  • Moses Disobeys
  • King Balak Sends for Balaam
  • Moses Views the Promised Land
  • Joshua Becomes the New Leader
  • Jericho's Walls Come Down
  • Israel Defeated at Ai
  • The Gibeonites Trick Joshua
  • Joshua Divides the Land
  • Reviewing the Wilderness Wandering and the Conquests of Joshua

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