From Fear to Faith

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Finding greater hope, stronger confidence, and deeper trust in God's promises.

How do you know you are saved?

Many Christians need a paradigm shift in their perspective of Christianity. Our God is pictured as an angry, abusive Master, ready to punish at every mistake or shortcoming. Too many view themselves as moving constantly “in and out” of salvation and as a result tend to serve more out of fear rather than joy.

This series of lessons will help bible students form an improved outlook of God’s forgiveness, mercy, and grace. The author firmly believes that when we begin to grasp God’s great desire to forgive and patiently lead us through spiritual transformation, we will feel a stronger assurance of our salvation.


  • How Could God Love Someone Like Me?
  • God's Amazing Forgiveness
  • The Abundant Mercy of God
  • The Deeper Appreciation for Grace
  • Justified in Christ
  • Jesus: The Offering That Turned Away God's Wrath
  • Living By Trust in Jesus, Not Ourselves
  • Walking In Newness of Life
  • The Struggle With Flesh and Spirit
  • There is No Condemnation for Those Who Are in Christ
  • The Power of Hope
  • The Proper Perception on Obedience
  • Confident in Christ

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