For Young Women Only

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The mystery of guys is unraveled in this book just for young women. Find out just how a guy thinks and what he might be thinking about you as you delve into the male psyche to better understand the opposite sex. In an "ask the expert" style, you'll find answers to why they are so visually stimulated, what he really wants to tell you and much more! A national scientific survey and in-depth discussion provide an exceptional understanding about the male mind so you can feel more comfortable around guys by knowing more about them.


  • What in the World Are These Guys Thinking?
  • Your Love Is Not Enough: You Mean He Wants My Respect More Than My Love?
  • The Performance of a Lifetime: Mr. Gorgeous and Mr. Cocky Is Actually Insecure?
  • Tough or Tender? A Peek into the Real Heart of Mr. Tough Guy
  • Keeper of the Photo Files: What "Guys Are Visual" Really Means...and What It Means for You
  • Seeing the Inner and Outer Beauty: Why Guys Care That Girls Take Care of Themselves...Even Though They Are Looking for the Real You
  • Body Language: His Physical Desires = Emotional Consequences for Both of You
  • Words for Your Heart: What Guys Really Want to Tell You
  • Where All This Research Came From
  • For Young Women Only Discussion Guide