Fit for the Master's Use: Lessons for New Christians

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Originally published by the author as individual lessons printed on single sheets, lessons were easily mailed between students and teachers in different places. These lessons were then printed in a single volume, now with an updated look, while retaining the content of the original studies. This book is suitable for class or individual use as a single workbook with all ten lessons, but to allow lessons to be mailed for remote studies, all pages are perforated for easy removal. Space is provided at the end of each lesson for notes and questions from students to teachers corresponding by mail.

All quotes are from the King James Version

53 pages, 10 chapters

  • Lesson 1: What It Means to be a Christian
  • Lesson 2: Worship: Public and Private
  • Lesson 3: Bible Study
  • Lesson 4: Good Works
  • Lesson 5: Daily Living
  • Lesson 6: The Divine Nature
  • Lesson 7: The Church and You
  • Lesson 8: Overcoming Sin
  • Lesson 9: Discerning Good and Evil
  • Lesson 10: Continuing to Grow

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