Fire in My Heart

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Lectures from the 2003 Guardian of Truth staff writer's meeting dealing with current issues among the churches of Christ.

Lecture topics:

  • Fire In My Heart: Saga of a Spirit Stirred, Larry Hafley;
  • Changing Attitudes, by C.W. Adams;
  • Unity of the Spirit or Unity In Diversity?, by Tom Roberts;
  • The Creation Issue and the Authority of the Scriptures, by Dan King;
  • Age of the Earth Issues in Restoration History, by Steve Wolfgang;
  • The Chronology of the Bible, by Mike Willis;
  • The Bible Doctrine of Hell, by Mike Willis;
  • The Church Growth Movement, by Andy Alexander;
  • The Influence of F. LaGard Smith Among Non-Institutional Brethren, by Johnny Stringer;
  • Fight the Good Fight of Faith, by Harry Osborne;
  • Gospel Preaching, Gospel Preachers, Gospel Papers: The Heritage of the Guardian of Truth, by Ron Halbrook.