Finding My Faith

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Finding My Faith, by Kevin Harrington is a practical study aimed at helping the reader develop faith in Jesus Christ that is personal, genuine, and capable of enduring the challenges life presents. Divided into two parts (“Understanding My Faith” a “Using my Faith”), each of its 13 chapters is followed by study questions for use by individuals or groups.


  • Introduction
Part 1: Understanding My Faith
  • 1. The Journey Begins
  • 2. What Is “My Faith?”
  • 3. Building a Castle
  • 4. Understanding Your Bible
  • 5. Two Testaments, One Message
  • 6. Why Do We Need a New Testament?
  • 7. Why Keep the Old Testament in Our Bibles?


    Part 2: Using My Faith

  • 8. Using the Bible in My Life
  • 9. Building My Spiritual Life
  • 10. Are All “Christians” Created Equal?
  • 11. Using the Bible in My Congregation
  • 12. Don’t Be Persuaded
  • 13. Is My Faith Strong Enough?
  • Conclusion
  • Notes
  • About the Author
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