Fellowship With God and His People: The Way of Christ Without Denominationalism - Revised

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Written to all who want to serve Christ without allegiance to denominational creeds, doctrines, or organizations, Fellowship: With God and His People covers topics vital to both Christians and non-Christians.

Countless individuals want true nondenominational Christianity, but they don't know how to find it. This book came about after Samuel G. Dawson spent 18 years preaching and struggling with the various facets of fellowship. It was enthusiastically received in the many congregations where he preached it. The chapters How to Deal with Brethren You Disagree With and Dealing with the Uncommittedseem to especially strike responsive chords with Christians. This book helps Christians deal with issues that hamper the work of local congregations and cause discouragement among God's people and will significantly affect your view of:

  • Your Own Fellowship with God
  • Every Single Christian in the World
  • Every Single Congregation in the World
  • Every Religious Person You Meet
  • Every Irreligious Person You Meet
  • Those Deceived by False Teachers
  • Every Controversial Question You Confront
  • The Harm of Denominationalism
  • The Non-Denominational Way of Christ
  • Confidence in Christ vs. an Organization
  • Fellowship Within a Local Church
  • Denominationalism Within the Body of Christ
  • Christ-like Treatment of Brethren You Disagree With
  • Scriptural Resolution of Doctrinal Disagreements
  • Personal Evangelism Without Denominational Concepts
  • How Public Confession of Sin Should Be
  • Squandering Less Time on Things God Never Intended
  • Spending More Time on Things God Really Desires
  • Less Majoring in Minors and Minoring in Majors
  • The Restoration Movement in America
  • How Churches Can Cooperate Nondenominationally
  • Church Discipline
  • Where to Worship When You Travel
  • How to Deal with Uncommitted Christians
  • "Do You Believe You're the Only Ones Going to Heaven?"
  • Should Local Churches Exist?
  • The Body of Christ and the Lord's Supper

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