FC Lectures 2022 - I Brought You Out: Studies on the Exodus

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Florida College Lectures Book 2022 - I Brought You Out: Studies on the Exodus

The Evening Lectures

  • The Covenant Faithfulness of God - Ben Hall
  • By Faith - Jason Longstreth
  • The New Exodus and the Final Exodus - Tom Hamilton

The Day Lectures

  • The I AM Remembers His Covenant with Abraham - V.J. Benson
  • The Sacrifice of the Lamb - Andrew Dow
  • Redemption From Slavery - Russ Roberts
  • "Through The Water": The Parting of the Red Sea - Roger Polanco
  • Conquest Over the Kingdom of the World - Mark Russell
  • God Leads and Provides For His People - John Gibson
  • God Tests His People - Chris Huntley
  • God Gives the Law - John Weaver
  • God Declares a New Name for Himself - Marc Gibson
  • God With His People: The Tabernacle - Gianni Berdini
  • "They Will Not Enter My Rest" - Reagan McClenny
  • There Remains a Sabbath Rest for the People of God - Caleb Churchill

Paperback, 255 pgs.

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