FC Lectures 2019 - The Works No One Else Did

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Florida College Lectures Book 2019 - The Works No One Else Did: The Miracles of Jesus.

Part 1: Evening Lectures
  • That You May Believe: Miracles as Signs - Phil Robertson
  • This Man Performs Many Signs: Miracles as History - Nathan Ward
  • I Am the Resurrection: Miracles in Culmination - Tommy Peeler

  • Part 2: Day Lectures
  • Your Sins are Forgiven: Pardon for the Paralytic - Calvin R. Schlabach
  • Were Not Ten Cleansed? Cleansing for the Lepers - Brownie Reaves
  • Have Mercy on Me: Compassion for the Syrophenician - Jimmy Haynes
  • Freed from Her Bond: Deliverance for the Bound Woman - Jerry Falk
  • He Had Compassion on them: Sustenance for the 5,000 - Brad Hopkins
  • Though I Was Blind, Now I See: Enlightenment for the Blind Man - Rusty Taylor
  • The Sons Are Free: Adoption for the Disciple - Robert Ogden
  • The Child is Sleeping: Life for Jairus' Daughter - Shawn Jeffries
  • I Know Who You Are: The Inbreaking of the Kingdom - Leon Mauldin
  • They Have No Wine: The Banquet of the Messiah - Brian Moody
  • The Tree Has Withered: The Judge of the Nation - Brent Forsyth
  • Who Is This Man? The God of the Storm - Will Dilbeck
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