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FC Lectures 2011 - Trembling At My Word: God's Power for Restoration

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The 2011 Florida College Lectureship presents studies based on the Old Testament story of Judah's return from captivity. This year's series serves as a sequel to the 2010 lectureship that dealt with the crisis of living in a time of captivity. The lessons presented here deal with the great theme of restoration and the need for God's power and guidance in any restoration effort. Thus they are especially relevant and vital for those of us who are committed to the ideal of restoration of primitive Christianity in our time.

The lessons in the series are arranged around the biblical texts associated with that original story of restoration, and highlight the important challenges facing God's people then and now. Tuesday's lectures focus on the era of Zerubbabel (Ezra 1–6; Haggai; Zechariah 1–8); Wednesday's lectures on the era of Ezra (7–10) and Nehemiah; and Thursday's lectures deal with the era of Malachi and the distant future of God's people (Isaiah 40–66). The evening lectures are drawn from the inspiring themes of Isaiah 40–66.

Lessons Include:

  • "Come Out From Among Them": God's Call to Restoration - Buddy Payne
  • "Trembling at My Word": God's Power for Restoration -  Doy Moyer
  • "The New Heavens and the New Earth": God's Promise of Final Restoration -  Don Truex
  • "The Sound of Weeping and Joy": Courage to Attempt Restoration - Mike Wilson
  • "They Discouraged the People of Judah": Opposition to Restoration - Kent Heaton
  • "Not By Might, But By My Spirit": God's Commitment to Restoration - Matt Qualls
  • "Consider Your Ways": Our Commitment to Restoration - Larry McClenny
  • "Set His Heart to Study the Law": The Pattern for Restoration - Tom Kinzel
  • "According to the Law": The Pattern of Restoration - Mike Bozeman
  • "Let Us Arise and Build": The Distinctiveness of God's People - Ryan Boyer
  • "They Confessed Their Sins": Repentance and Restoration - Roy Diestelkamp
  • "You Have Turned Aside": Restoration as an Ongoing Work - Gary Henry
  • "The Day is Coming": Restoration and Judgment - David Bunting
  • "House of Prayer for All Nations": Restoration for All People - Bob Waldron
  • "The Lord Has Anointed Me": Restoration as Defined by the Messiah - David Thomley

  • Edited by Dan Petty