FC Alumni Chorus - The Lord Reigns - 2010 CD

SKU FC2010

New Songs From Brethren including:

  1. The Lord Reigns
  2. Days of Elijah
  3. I Will Serve Him
  4. In Christ Alone
  5. His Tapestry
  6. He Is Worthy
  7. From Lofty Realms of Glory
  8. My God, My God
  9. The Rock of My Heart
  10. Lord, Help Me Rise Up Again
  11. Longing
  12. Greater Is He Who Is In You
  13. There is Forgiveness With Him
  14. Go Your Way and Sin No More
  15. Thank You Lord
  16. You Are The Light Of My Soul
  17. Precious In His Sight
  18. Only You
  19. I Am Willing
  20. Nothing, Oh Nothing
  21. May The Lord Be With You

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