FC Alumni Chorus - I've Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken - 2011 CD

SKU FC2011

Songs Include:

  1. I Shall Not Be Moved (E. Boatner)
  2. Gentle Shepherd (Gaither)
  3. I've Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken (A. Dennis)
  4. His Glory Covers the Heavens (D. Alexander)
  5. Trials Dark on Every Hand (C. Tindley)
  6. Our God is a Warrior (G. Schales) 
  7. God Will Make a Way (D. Moen)
  8. Heavenly Light (A. Kopylow)
  9. Now My Spirit Soars (M. Jennings)
  10. He Is Able (Noland, Ferguson)
  11. Standing on the Promises (R. Carter)
  12. Abba Father (Lord God Almighty (T. Howard)
  13. A Foretaste of Your Rest (M. Harber, M. Bassford)
  14. The Lord is a Warrior (S. Rouse)
  15. Our Fellowship (Roberts, Hersey/Stevens)
  16. Draw Me (D. Dalton)
  17. Dwelling in Beulah Land (C. Miles)
  18. There Are Some Times (B. Rainwater)
  19. I Have Heard Your Prayer (D. Alexander)
  20. Shine, Jesus, Shine (G. Kendrick)

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