FC Alumni Chorus - All Rise - 2006 CD

SKU FC2006

Songs Include:

  1. Heaven Medley
  2. In His Presence
  3. Hallelujah, We Shall Rise
  4. Until Then
  5. All Rise 
  6. Victory In Jesus
  7. There's A Stirring
  8. There Is A Habitation
  9. When The King Comes To Claim Even Me
  10. Lo! What A Glorious Sight
  11. The Sands Of Time
  12. This World Is Not My Home
  13. Peace, Perfect Peace
  14. My Task
  15. The Spacious Firmament On High
  16. I Am A Poor Wayfaring Stranger 
  17. Sing To Me Of Heaven
  18. Were You There?
  19. I'll Live In Glory
  20. Nearer My God To Thee
  21. Theophany (High Above The Seraphim)
  22. Soliloquy And Prayer
  23. It Is Well With My Soul

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