Family Life: A Biblical Perspective

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"I recommend this material; and I do it heartily. It is scriptural, sensible, and sane. It will help the married as well as the unmarried. Brother Stauffer's comments are made within the biblical perspective. This is the best workbook on this subject."

Harry Pickup, Jr.


  • Lesson 1: Biblical Perspective
  • Lesson 2: Atmosphere of Love
  • Lesson 3: Design of Marriage
  • Lesson 4: Love Your Wives
  • Lesson 5: Head of the Wife
  • Lesson 6: Be in Subjection
  • Lesson 7: A Help Meet Lesson
  • 8: Train Up a Child Lesson
  • 9: Honor Thy Parents
  • Lesson 10: Working Parents
  • Lesson 11: What God Hath Joined Together
  • Lesson 12: Committeth Adultery
  • Lesson 13: Ten Rules For Picking a Mate

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