Family Bible Study Series Quarter 2: God's Plan for Man's Salvation


Quarter Two: God’s Plan For Man’s Salvation.

The goal of this series is to impress upon the student’s mind that God had an eternal plan for man to be saved before the world was and to show the gradual unfolding of that plan through the ages. The study begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. The Family Bible Study Series is designed to be a four-year program of study. It blends together both topical and textual material with emphasis upon daily Bible reading and study in preparation for the lessons. The text of the Bible are studied in a chronological sequence.

Here is an overview of the sixteen quarters of the Family Bible Study Series:

This series has been successfully used by churches of all sizes in the past twenty years. It partners the Bible class program with the parents in teaching their children.

Some features include:

  • All classes are studying the same topic, making it easier for parents to help their children with the Bible class lesson
  • Written to promote a planned, daily, family devotional that reinforces the lesson of the Bible classes
  • Flexible and adaptable to every age group
  • Balance between textual and topical material
  • Adaptable to specific needs to any size church
  • 50 p. Curriculum Guide stating objectives, aims, and teaching tips