Faith in Action: Studies in James

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A concise, pithy commentary and workbook on James, that is needed today more than ever. The author has captured the essence of the book of James while providing lots of practical ways to access the specific, timely lessons that Christians need in today's mixed-up world. This is three books in one: 1) An adult Bible class workbook, 2) A user-friendly commentary on James for personal growth, 3) A preacher or teacher’s best friend in preparing lessons on James.

This book is jam-packed full of useful information, some of which is hard to find anywhere else. Yet it is presented in a way that is easily accessible. The breakdown of the text is unique, giving anybody who prepares a lesson on James a memorable outline. Questions at the end of each chapter reinforce applications. The illustrations and “Power Points” add unmistakable zest (and a little humor). If you want a handy, user-friendly breakdown of the letter of James, this is a must-have!

13 Lessons, 88 pgs.

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