Ezekiel - "Ye Shall Know I Am the Lord"

No doubt Ezekiel's prophecy is one of the most neglected (and often misused) as well as difficult books among the Old Testament prophets. Notwithstanding the difficulties associated with the prophecy, a careful and earnest study of it will bear rich rewards. The approach of Ezekiel to his work and his faithful devotion to duty under the most trying circumstances make it a fascinating book. Its lessons are as permanent as is the character of God, and its principles as applicable today as when written. In this volume, the product of Robert Harkrider's diligent study and Untiring labor, the author has successfully produced a workbook that will be a most helpful aid to both teacher and student. The book does not purport to be a commentary, though the author's comments on passages are excelient, but it is an outlined study of Ezekiel, with appropriate suggestions of the prophet's message. In each lesson the study of the text is followed by a series of ten questions to be answered by the student, five true-false questions, a research question and a thought question. At numerous points a parallel is made between the situation in Ezekiel's day and our own, providing the student with an insight into the weakness of human nature throughout history, and of God's dealing with such. However, in all situations of doom the Lord points to His provision of hope in Himself and in the Messiah who was to come. In the midst of so much error being taught today which is based on a misconception and misunderstanding of the prophets, it is encouraging to see an aroused interest in seeking accurate knowledge of the prophets and their message. This work is being spear-headed by a group of men who have emerged from the period of youth, but who have not entered into the age that we term "older men." From his boyhood and through his youth, Robert Harkrider has been a diligent student of the scriptures. He is now a mature man, an excellent thinker and a preacher of some thirty years, who has brought out a number of workbooks on the Bible. I commend this one as worthy of a wide circulation and use in congregations of the church of our Lord. Knowledge of truth is our greatest weapon against error and our assurance of continuing a faithful people of the Lord. Homer Hailey TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Lesson 1 - The Prophet Of The Lord's Glory 1 PART I: PROPHECIES OF JERUSALEM'S DESTRUCTION, EZEKIEL 1-24 EZEKIEL'S VISION AND CALL Lesson 2 - Ezek. 1 8 Lesson 3 - Ezek. 2,3 12 JERUSALEM'S DESTINY SYMBOLIZED Lesson 4 - Ezek. 4,5 16 THE LAND WILL BE DEVASTATED Lesson 5 - Ezek. 6,7 20 THE GLORY OF THE LORD DEPARTS Lesson 6 - Ezek. 8,9 24 Lesson 7 - Ezek. 10,11 28 WARNINGS AND JUDGMENTS Lesson 8 - Ezek. 12 32 Lesson 9 - Ezek. 13,14 36 Lesson 10 - Ezek. 15,16 40 Lesson 11 - Ezek. 17,18,19 44 DOOM OF A SINFUL NATION Lesson 12 - Ezek. 20 48 Lesson 13 - Ezek. 21,22 52 Lesson 14 - Ezek. 23,24 56 PART II: JUDGMENT COMES AGAINST FOREIGN NATIONS ALSO, EZEKIEL 25-32 PROPHECIES AGAINST NEIGHBORING NATIONS Lesson 15 - Ezek. 25,26 60 PROPHECIES AGAINST TYRE AND SIDON Lesson 16 - Ezek. 27,28 64 PROPHECIES AGAINST EGYPT Lesson 17 - Ezek. 29,30 68 Lesson 18 - Ezek. 31,32 72 PART III. ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE RESTORATION AND SALVATION, EZEKIEL 33-48 EZEKIEL'S ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITY Lesson 19 - Ezek. 33 77 RESTORATION OF ISRAEL AND DEFEAT OF HER ENEMIES Lesson 20 - Ezek. 34 81 Lesson 21 - Ezek. 35,36 85 Lesson 22 - Ezek. 37 89 Lesson 23 - Ezek. 38,39 93 DESCRIPTION OF THE NEW KINGDOM OF GOD Lesson 24 - Ezek. 40,41,42,43 98 Lesson 25 - Ezek. 44,45,46,47,48 105