Eye To Eye With Women of the Bible

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A study for teenage girls looking at the actions of individual women of the Bible. Both good and bad examples are used to impress young ladies of the need to please God and that pleasing God is for their long term good. Young Christians face tough problems in this world and this study is designed to help them make the right decisions when pressured to do otherwise by those in the world.

Author, Joanne Beckley, has included training in the Inductive Study Method as well as including the actual text from the Bible for practice in noting the different Scripture presentations. This workbook had its beginnings as a request to address the thorny problems young ladies have to face, beginning at younger ages and presented on a simpler level to make it easier for the girls to digest.

(Beckley now uses this workbook in teaching the native women in Africa.)

  • 70 pages
  • 14 chapters
  • Coil Binding

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