Exodus From Egypt (Junior 1:2)


Discovering God's Way - Exodus From Egypt Workbook By L'Von Qualls

Grades 4 to 6 Junior Year 1, Book 2 

A survey of the book of Exodus. Covers the early life of Moses, the plagues and exodus, the events at Mount Sinai, and the building of the tabernacle.


  1. Israel in Egyptian Slavery
  2. Baby Moses Is Saved
  3. God Sends Moses to Pharaoh
  4. God Sends the Plagues
  5. Israel Observes the Passover
  6. The Israelites Cross the Red Sea
  7. God Feeds Israel in the Wilderness
  8. Moses Meets His Family
  9. Israel at Mount Sinai
  10. Israel Disobeys
  11. Moses Intercedes for the People
  12. The Tabernacle
  13. Review

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