Evidences for Our Faith

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Evidences for Our Faith, edited by David Flatt, is a thirteen lesson workbook exploring different types of evidences that serve to bolster faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ.


  • 1. The Rise of Skepticism in America by David Flatt
  • 2. The Profile of an Unbeliever by Daniel King, Sr
  • 3. Historic Examples of Unbelief by Keith Welch
  • 4. The Case for Belief by Steve Wolfgang
  • 5. The Evidence of Creation by Joshua Gurtler
  • 6. Genesis and the Flood by Phillip Martin
  • 7. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ by David Flatt
  • 8. Archaeological Evidence for the historical Jesus by Luke Chandler
  • 9. Science and the Miracles of Jesus by Sean C. Butler
  • 10. The Bible as Evidence by Ethan Longhenry
  • 11. The Evidence of Prophecy by David Dann
  • 12. Internal Evidence: the Inspiration of the Bible by Steve Monts
  • 13. What Must We Do With The Evidence? by Jarrod Jacobs
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