Drawing Out: Moses & Old Testament Law

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In one of the most ironic of circumstances, a man who was raised in the leader of Egypt’s household will forsake what could have been a life of prestige and instead lead his native people against their biggest enemy...the leader of Egypt. The man who does this is Moses. Not only will he go on to save his people from the Egyptians, but he will also be a central character in several Old Testament books (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) that contain the detailed history of the Israelites, their journeys, and their divine law prescribed by God.

Drawing Out attempts to draw out milestone events and concepts in an effort to provide the reader with the background, context, and importance of the Old Testament Law and surrounding narratives throughout the life of Moses.

Drawing Out—which gets its name from the Hebrew definition of "Moses"—has been designed to engage the student and spark discussion and application of Old Testament examples, principles, and characters.

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