Does This Armor Make Me Look Fat

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We're often affected by the world’s perception of outward appearances more than inner, whether we admit it or not. We worry about what to wear, what everyone else is wearing, what shoes match with what purse, and, worst of all, "Does this outfit make me look fat?"

We diet religiously, sometimes right up to the very minute we die, trying to get back to what we weighed as teenagers or young adults who haven’t eaten all the meals we have nor faced all the stresses and challenges of life we have. We check the bathroom scales just as religiously and grit our teeth when the arrow moves forward.

If you are ready to worry less about what the scale says and more about what the Bible says, to focus on the spiritual woman more than the physical, this is the study book for you.

Content Includes:

  • The Real Armor
  • Be Strong in the Lord
  • Put on the Whole Armor
  • Wrestle the Darkness
  • Take a Stand
  • Cinch up that Belt
  • Tuck in that Breastplate
  • Slide into those Shoes
  • Pick up that Shield
  • Pull on that Helmet
  • Strap on the Sword
  • Watch and Pray
13 lessons, coil binding

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