Do Thyself No Harm


Although many people may not realize it, they hurt themselves every day in one way or another. It may be by neglecting the body's needs, or, considering the other extreme, it may be by giving the body food, drinks, or drugs it cannot cope with. Quite possibly it may be from defiling the "inner man" with such things as evil thoughts, ill will, or prejudice, thus stifling the spiritual man. Before these blunders can be corrected, those who commit them must be made aware of their presence and of the damage they can do.

This workbook, Do Thyself No Harm, deals with some specific ways in which people may harm themselves.

Scriptures used are taken from the King James Version.

Twelve Lessons:

  • Taking One's Own Life
  • Setting Oneself Above Others
  • Refusing to Accept the Truth
  • Seeking Happiness and Satisfaction From Wrong Sources
  • Being Stubborn and Unreasonable
  • Being Too Hasty With Words
  • Deceiving Oneself
  • Holding Ill Will and an Unforgiving Spirit
  • Being Neglectful and Indifferent
  • Listening to the Wrong People
  • Being Shiftless and Satisfied With Oneself
  • Being Envious and Jealous

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