Divided Kingdom (Junior 2:3)


Discovering God's Way - Divided Kingdom Workbook

Grades 4-6 Junior Year 2, Book 3 By L'Von Qualls

The Reign of David and Solomon traces the character and rule of these two great kings of Israel. Woven into this study are some of the Psalms written by David and wise sayings found in Proverbs written by Solomon.

Contents Include:

  • The Kingdom Is Divided 
  • Elijah and Wicked King Ahab 
  • The Evil Plans of Ahab and Jezebel 
  • Elisha Takes Elijah's Place 
  • Jehu Slays Ahab and Jezebel 
  • Prophets of Israel 
  • King Joash Repairs the Temple 
  • God Sends Jonah to Nineveh 
  • The Kingdom Falls 
  • Hezekiah Brings Spiritual Renewal 
  • Isaiah, Micah and Nahum Prophesy 
  • King Josiah Reads God's Word 
  • Reviewing What You Have Learned

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