Defending God: His Existence & Creation

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Defenders Series Book 1

Throughout the course of human history, God has often used young people to bring about some of His most memorable and brilliant victories. David’s fight with Goliath, Daniel’s bravery in the foreign land of Babylon, and Timothy’s courageous preaching of the Gospel remind us that young people play a vital role in the advancement of Truth and Light in a dark world of doubt.

This first book in AP’s Defenders Series (Defending God: His Existence and Creation) is for young people who want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God exists and is the Creator of all things. This book is for youth who want to prepare themselves to take their stand in the ranks of God’s army on the front lines of the spiritual battle. Are you ready to arm yourself with the truth, reason, and faith that it takes to defend God and His Word?

The "Defenders" book is designed to help you learn how to strap God's spiritual equipment on. Since people learn in different ways; reading, listening, or hearing & watching, the Defenders series has been specifically designed to appeal to each of these modes of learning. In addition to the written information, each chapter has icons that direct you to specific videos (often only a few minutes long) that provide additional information to what is in the chapters. QR codes to the website are included.

Book 1 of 4

184 pgs, Hardback

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