Crisis In Leadership 2010 Truth Lectures

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The Holy Spirit revealed the qualities which fit men for this noble work. These qualifications are as stringent as God meant for them to be, but no more than that. Through time, many have erred in appointing men to serve who did not measure up to the standard given. Churches have suffered because of that. On the other hand, some have read more into the qualifications than the Lord stated. This has been the cause of endless disputes and has sometimes kept churches from having the leadership they needed.

It does not take a Solomon to know that many churches are suffering a crisis in leadership. Some congregations have existed for years with no elders to lead or deacons to serve and with none in sight. Something is wrong when that situation prevails. Some churches have good and capable elders but are not working to train and develop men to continue that good work.

These lectures deal with the qualifications, need for, and examples of Scriptural leaders of God's church.

296 Pages.

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