Creation To Revelation: Story of the Cross Full Size Spiral


This book contains 20 illustrations which tell the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Half of this pack is focused on the night Jesus was betrayed, His trial and His crucifixion. It emphasizes the prophecies and events leading up to His death, showing children that Jesus knew what His destination was, and yet He still endured everything.

Serious thought went into every single detail presented in these illustrations to not only try to share the story but also share the emotion. It is our goal to allow children easily to turn to an illustration when it is time to take the bread or time to drink the fruit of the vine, and thus help children sit quietly but also focus on remembering Jesus, His sacrifice and God’s great plan for our salvation.

(Formerly named: Lord’s Supper)

Laminated, Full-Size

21 pages with one image per page and captions describing illustrations on each page

Card Titles:

  1. God Always Knew.

  2. God told Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

  3. Before Jesus came, lambs had to die.

  4. God prophesied about Jesus through history.

  5. Jesus came to earth and knew He would die.

  6. Jesus came to Jerusalem to die.

  7. Jesus washed their feet.

  8. Jesus gave bread.

  9. Jesus gave the cup.

  10. Jesus prayed in the garden.

  11. Judas betrayed Jesus.

  12. Jesus was condemned.

  13. Jesus carried His cross.

  14. The Roman Solders

  15. Jesus died.

  16. The temple curtain was torn.

  17. Jesus was buried.

  18. Jesus’ tomb was found empty.

  19. Jesus ascended to heaven.

  20. Jesus now sits at God’s right hand.

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