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Creation To Revelation: Mommy & Me Little Gleaner Workbooks: Genesis

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Mommy & Me “Little Gleaners” Workbooks: Genesis is connected in verbiage and similar in concept to the original Glean Together: Genesis workbook, but the layout features a full-page coloring sheet for the littlest learners as they start to refine their fine-motor skills, chapter titles, theme words in traceable text from each chapter, as well as the theme verse.

 Just like our first collaboration, every aspect of the Little Gleaners Workbooks was created intentionally: theme words of various types and lengths introduce Biblical vocabulary words to your toddler/early elementary student, and full-sized coloring page, bubble letters, and traceable text introduce writing and fine motor skills. Little Gleaners can be used in conjunction with the original Glean workbook level (Glean Together for big sibling, Little Gleaners for the younger sibling to tag along!)—or Little Gleaners can be a totally self-sufficient learning tool for a smaller child on his/her own! Chapter titles, theme verses, and coloring pages all match in both Glean books, so siblings can learn the same content! Grab Little Gleaners for your toddler/early elementary children as an age-appropriate way to incorporate sweet little hands and minds in your Bible time together. Add the Genesis Flashcards to your collection to coordinate with Little Gleaner and Glean Together.

This series offers material for various learning methods (visual, linguistic, artistic, hands-on, verbal, as well as hand-written reinforcement) and encourages parents to learn and grow alongside children, while being simple enough for independent learning. Most importantly, this workbook sends children and parents directly to God’s word!

Carry these resources in the car, to the building, use it at the dinner table or at a school desk at home—and feel flexibility and ease about how much your child completes and when! Nothing is required except for the Bible itself to find value and education in this workbook, which is exactly what Hannah intended when dreaming up this concept. This textual focus clings closely to Creation to Revelation’s passion for training little hearts to know and love the Lord and His Story in its true form and in its entirety.